Freesoil: 231-464-5534 | Ludington: 231-843-4603

Bakery & Fudge

The Free Soil Orchard Market’s Bakery and Fudge department is a busy place!

Bakery items include:  Freshly baked Breads and Rolls, Fruit Pies (both baked or frozen-ready for your oven), Donuts and Pastries made fresh each morning, Homemade Granolas and Cookies.


Homemade Buttercream Fudge is also a very popular item at Orchard Market. More than 20 flavors of sweet, creamy, delicious fudge are created daily. Basic flavors are a mainstay and new seasonal flavors are always in our showcase. Stop by the Free Soil fudge counter for a taste!


BUY 2-1/2 LB. BOXES GET 1-1/2 LB. BOX FREE!!


Bakery and Fudge items are sent fresh each morning to our Ludington store.