Freesoil: 231-464-5534 | Ludington: 231-843-4603

Items available daily at both stores:

**Homemade Granolas

**Chopped Breads (With fresh “chopped in” ingredients)


**Vegetable and Tomato Focaccias

**Fruit Puff Pastries

**Honey Cream Cakes

**Deep Dish Fruit Pies

Available daily at the Free Soil Bakery:

Bakery Case (made fresh each morning): Homemade Old Fashioned Donuts, Long Johns, Bismarks, Apple Fritters, Turnovers, Muffins, Extra Large Cookies, Moon Pies, and Sticky Buns.

**Breads (White, Wheat, Rye)

**Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns

**Specialty Breads

Order any bakery item one day in advance for delivery to the Ludington market.