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ORCHARD MARKET is a family owned farm with two farm markets conviently situated in Free Soil and Ludington MIchigan.

Established in 1960, this third generation business continues to be the area’s relied upon source for homegrown and locally grown farm fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh bakery, homemade fudges and an extra large secection of farm market goodies.

Browse our website and check the Current Market News to learn more about us and what is happening at Orchard Market!


Current Market News

U-Pick Strawberries

There have been many factors this year affecting the area’s strawberry crop. A mild winter without protective snow cover, spring frosts, several days of extremely warm weather with high winds recently and RAIN–lots of rain in the past couple of weeks. It will be a shorter than normal strawberry season. The U-Pick Patch will be open only a short time longer. Call before you come out as the patch is closed when raining. Hours are 8-2 and we will watch patch conditions to determine how many more days we will go. $1.90 per pound. Pick 10 lbs or more and receive a coupon for 1 Pint Vanilla Ice Cream!

Our Own Homegrown Strawberries

Our Own Homegrown Strawberries

Due to weather conditions we will be harvesting Our Own Homegrown Strawberries for only a short time more. Sweet, Juicy and Delicious. Available at both markets by the quart ($3.99) . Also during Strawberry season: Strawberry Cream Cheese Pies and a variety of Strawberry Buttercream Fudges!


Greenhouse Sale!

The greenhouse plant sales have begun!

**FLOWER AND VEGETABLE FLATS-$9.99 Each Buy 1 Flat-Get 1 Flat FREE!

**4 1/2″ PREMIUM PLANTS-$2.50 Each or 5 For $10.99



Homegrown Asparagus

Homegrown Asparagus

Homegrown Asparagus will be coming to an end soon. Enjoy this first of the season tasty vegetable while it lasts!  $1.89 per pound.

Homemade Bakery Goodness!

Homemade Bakery Goodness!

Our Free Soil Bakery is Busy with Fresh Bakery Goodness!

Items available daily at both stores:

**Homemade Granolas

**Chopped Breads (With fresh “chopped in” ingredients)


**Fruit Puff Pastries

**Honey Cream Cakes

**Deep Dish Fruit Pies

Available daily at the Free Soil Bakery:

Bakery Case (made fresh each morning): Homemade Old Fashioned and Cherry Donuts, Long Johns, Bismarks, Apple Fritters, Persians, Turnovers, Muffins, Extra Large Cookies, Moon Pies, and Sticky Buns.

**Breads (White, Wheat, Rye)

**Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns

**Specialty Breads

Order any bakery item one day in advance for delivery to the Ludington market.