Freesoil: 231-464-5534 | Ludington: 231-843-4603



ORCHARD MARKET is a family owned farm with two farm markets conviently situated in Free Soil and Ludington MIchigan.

Established in 1960, this third generation business continues to be the area’s relied upon source for homegrown and locally grown farm fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh bakery, homemade fudges and an extra large secection of farm market goodies.

Browse our website and check the Current Market News to learn more about us and what is happening at Orchard Market!


Current Market News


We are now taking orders for Frozen Strawberries! Berries are northern Michigan grown and available both sugared and unsugared. Ready for your freezer–all the work is done! Place orders by Sunday, July 15 and pick up on Wednesday, July 18. Call either market to place an order:

LUDINGTON: 231-843-4603

FREE SOIL: 231-464-5534

6 1/2 lb. Sliced and Sugared-$15.99

10 lb. Sliced and Sugared-$21.99

30 lb. Sliced and Sugared-$49.99

8 lb. Whole/No Sugar-$19.99

20 lb. Whole/No Sugar-$45.99



We have started harvesting Homegrown Strawberries! They are available now by the quart and flat at the markets.  The U-Pick Patch will be open on a day to day basis so call either market prior to coming out to check availability.  Ludington 231-843-4603 or Free Soil 231-464-5534. Berries are $1.95 per pound. Pick in our box lined carriers–no need to bring your own containers.

A bit more information about this year’s strawberry crop: Again it was a hard winter for ground crops with exposed plants. Numerous days when the winter temperatures dropped to near zero with no protective snow cover did some damage. There is an area wide shortage of berries due to the winter conditions. We have plenty of crop for our U-Pick and market customers though the season will be shorter than normal. The berries are also not as large as other seasons but still very sweet and tasty! So it’s time to make the jam, enjoy the shortcakes and pies while the season lasts!



We are still getting fresh loads of flowers and the greenhouse sales have begun!

**All Flats of Flower and Vegetable Plants $2.00 off or $10.99 Each

**All 4 1/2″ Pots $2.89 Each

**All 10″ Hanging Baskets $2.00 Off

**All 12″ Hanging Baskets $3.00 Off

**All Flowering Planters $2.00 and $3.00 Off


FREE SOIL 8 am-7 pm everyday

LUDINGTON 8 am-7 pm Monday-Saturday

Sunday 9 am-5 pm